Our week in Cannes: Inside Lark & Berry’s diamonds and jewellery launch

It took a few hundred miles, a private yacht and a star-studded guest list – but the Lark & Berry launch finally took place in Cannes earlier in May. And, quite frankly, it was a movie with our beautiful diamonds starring in the lead role.

Perhaps rather fittingly, the prestigious Cannes Film Festival took place just a (gem)stone’s throw away from where our yacht floated against the idyllic backdrop of the French Riviera.

Between the excitement surrounding our launch and the hustle and bustle of the film festival, Cannes was well and truly brought to life. Simply, it was the perfect setting for the official unveiling of our sparkling diamonds and bright, cultured stones.

All aboard the Justa Delia

In case you didn’t know, we don’t exactly do things by halves at Lark & Berry... which is why we spent a marathon 10 days aboard the Justa Delia, our impressive yacht. With that much time away at sea, it’s hardly surprising that the liner became our home away from home – and, of course, the showroom for our beautiful jewellery.

Just a hop, skip and elegant jump away from the Boulevard de la Croisette – where lay the heart of Cannes Film Festival – sat the Justa Delia in all her magnificent glory. A modern interior of rich blues, golds and clean pastels perfectly juxtaposed the air of tradition and nostalgia, thanks to portraits of the beloved grandmother of Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez, which hung on the walls.

As the Lark & Berry name was inspired by Chavez’s grandmother, it seemed apt that our display of stunning diamonds and jewellery stood near to those brilliant paintings.

The sparkling showroom

The showroom presented the very best of Lark & Berry – on one side, a scintillating display of our high pieces including the Knot Diamond Necklace and Wave Diamond Bracelet, while the other side displayed our Demi Jewellery range, including the Dune Collection featuring 14K yellow gold and spinel.

Admiring the glistening diamonds were our intimate group of special guests, including Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt, model Bambi Northwood-Blyth and an array of influencers such as Sandra Hagelstam aka 5 Inch and Up, Katherine Ormerod, Kate Tik and Nina Suess.

All completely fell in love with Lark & Berry’s jewellery and, particularly, our choice to be sustainable by growing our sparkling diamonds using innovative technology in a lab.

We couldn’t help but notice our guests’ sheer amazement at how bright our diamonds shine given they are cultured, which lends to the fact that cultured stones are absolutely real diamonds.

It was also a real treat to see how our guests styled the jewels whether lounging by the jacuzzi in their swimwear, wearing glamorous evening outfits for dinner or even with a casual look for a stroll around town.

For extra glam, Hunt wore the Knot Diamond Earrings and Knot Diamond Necklace for a red carpet appearance in Cannes while Northwood-Blyth dressed her ears in pieces from our upcoming Katrine Collection, proving to be the perfect muses.

Similar to how the Justa Delia gracefully glides across the sparkling waters, the Lark & Berry launch couldn’t have gone more smoothly.

The credits for our stunning Cannes movie may have rolled but wearing Lark & Berry’s starry diamonds means you’ll always be picture perfect.


(David M. Bennett/Getty Images)

(David M. Bennet/Getty Images)

(David M. Bennett/Getty Images)

* All images credited to Russell S. Hammond unless stated otherwise

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