It’s official: Lark and Berry takes Cannes for launch of brand

Lark & Berry launch

Pop the champagne and clink your glasses as Lark and Berry is officially open for business.

Our beautiful Lark and Berry cultured diamonds will be setting sail along the French Riviera and arriving in the picturesque town of Cannes for the long-awaited launch.

Just like our dazzling diamonds, Lark & Berry will hit Cannes in style turning our very own private yacht into an uber luxury, temporary home.

With the bustle of the annual Cannes Film Festival in the backdrop, we’ll be showcasing our precious jewellery for the first time marking a momentous occasion for the brand. Coinciding with our festivities, the official Lark and Berry website has also launched giving you free reign to admire and fall in love with our sparkling diamonds. You’re welcome!

Lark & Berry's Modernist Diamond Pave Ring

Diamond if I do…

Where to start? You’ll be spoilt for choice with Lark & Berry’s versatile collection of jewels. No matter your mood or the occasion, you’re sure to find your perfect match amongst our stunning pieces.

Feeling cool and casual? Feast your eyes over the Dune collection; a striking array of bold sapphires and shiny 14K yellow gold. Ready to up the ante? Channel your inner Modernist and choose from a stunning collection of rings, necklaces and earrings sprinkled with our scintillating cultured diamonds.

Or, for those particularly special moments, frost yourself with the twinkling diamonds of the Knot range which come deliciously dressed in 18K white gold. Yep we know, so much choice… But always delight where Lark and Berry is concerned!

Lark & Berry Cannes launch

What’s the culture?

No matter which Lark and Berry jewel you choose, you can rest assured that each piece features cultured — also known as grown — diamonds. We are proud to offer sustainable jewellery, created with innovative technology, that contributes to a cleaner future for the diamond industry.

For the full story about our diamonds and stones, visit our About Us section.

So now we’ve cut the virtual ribbon, it’s time to kickstart those celebrations.

While shopping our beautiful jewellery, you’re more than welcome to follow our Lark and Berry launch festivities in Cannes via our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Now, where’s our glass of bubbly?

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