Lark & Berry store soft opening and updated FTC rulings on cultured diamonds!

Today we would like to announce our store opening and the new US Federal Trade Commission ruling on cultured diamonds.

Every step along the way of this amazing journey to bring you the finest jewelry featuring our beautiful, cultured diamonds, we’ve never once looked back! We truly believe what we’re doing is not only the most exciting thing happening in luxury fashion, but also notably ethical and environmentally forward-thinking.

The response we have received from you, our loyal customers, has been nothing short of astounding. We at Lark & Berry hear you: You really believe in our exhilarating collections featuring our exclusive cultured stones diamonds. When we follow our hearts, great things happen, and so it’s with much joy that we get to tell you two great pieces of news—so onto the first:

You keep asking when we will be opening our London store and now, that day is upon us!

1. With the opening of the flagship Lark & Berry store, we become the first retail store selling fine fashion jewellery made exclusively with cultured diamonds to open in the world!

It’s our soft launch, with the grand opening on the way, but starting now, you or anyone who wants to come view our beautiful gold and platinum jewellery made with cultured diamonds can now do so!

Our store is located at 52a George St. in upscale Marylebone, only moments away from Selfridges and 2 blocks away from Chiltern Firehouse. Our full collections are displayed inside an incredible retail space created by Houston based designer Erika Paola Chavez. If the Chavez name sounds familiar, it should be! Erika is our founder Laura Chavez’s sister!

We must say, Erika did a great job. Come see for yourself!

During this soft launch period, our hours will be limited to M-F, 10-5. This will help us give you the best possible service during your visit. Remember, we can also do bespoke pieces and give you your very own booking, and we can arrange private jewellery viewings as well. Contact us if you would like to set something up!

Lark and Berry cultured diamonds jewellery store exterior moments before opening

(our shop moments before opening)

Lark and Berry cultured diamonds jewellery shop

(interior view)


Lark and Berry cultured diamonds jewellery store interior

(another interior view)


Now the second piece of great news:

2. New FTC Rulings confirms cultured diamonds are indeed diamonds--not synthetic

The jewellery industry has been buzzing with this long-awaited FTC ruling and now that it’s finally here, we at Lark & Berry couldn’t be happier. We are glad the FTC has reconsidered the matter of cultured diamonds and verified what we all knew to be true and have been so excited about:

A cultured diamond has the exact same chemical and optical characteristics as a mined diamond—in other words, not a synthetic or a fake!

It’s all a fancy way of saying a diamond is a diamond, people, and we at Lark & Berry certainly love getting fancy… but seriously, this is such great forward progress for our industry and another step in getting the public a clearer unerstanding that a cultured diamond is indeed not only the same as a mined diamond, but is also the better choice. After all, no mining is needed with cultured diamonds. And the ultimate conflict free status of a mined diamond is not always guaranteed. As we like to say, it's 2018, and we at Lark & Berry are NOW people, looking to the future. With cultured diamonds we have a safe, identical alternative to mined diamonds. It makes no sense not to embrace it!

See you at our Marylebone store. We can’t wait!

Check out some of our favorite photo shoots for this summer!

Lark and Berry cultured diamonds jewelleryLark and Berry cultured diamonds jewellery Lark and Berry cultured diamonds jewellery


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