Martha Hunt models Lark and Berry cultured diamonds at Cannes

Martha Hunt at Lark & Berry launch party on private yacht in Cannes

Martha Hunt celebrates the Lark & Berry launch in Cannes 

Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt hopped on-board the Lark & Berry boat in Cannes for the official launch.

Hosted on Justa Delia – our private yacht – Hunt, 29, led the star-studded guest list as celebrations got underway for the unveiling of Lark & Berry’s beautiful collections.

In true model spirit, Hunt was thrilled to wear a bold-coloured set from the Dune Collection, found in our Demi Jewellery range. Matching the burnt orange and blue hues of her halter-neck maxi dress, the model showcased a pair of the Sapphire Sun Drop Earrings, boasting a large, cultured yellow sapphire.

Bringing the look together, Hunt also teamed the drop earrings with our mesmerising Blue Ellipse Necklace, featuring 14K yellow gold, blue spinel and a set of Lark & Berry’s cultured diamonds.

Lark & Berry's Sapphire Sun Drop Earrings

Lark & Berry's Sapphire Sun Drop Earrings from the Dune Collection

The US model, Martha Hunt's styling of the Dune jewels for a cocktail party proves these pieces are perfect for occasion wear just as much as beach chic. Whether you’re wearing floral patterns or neutral colours, the Dune collection will compliment any mood thanks to its array of striking colours which include, purple, blue and yellow sapphire.

Other notable pieces from the Dune range, include the Purple Ellipse Stud Earrings, Sapphire Sun Necklace and the Purple Sapphire Dune Drop Earrings.

Lark & Berry have hosted a bevy of fashion industry movers and shakers, including social media influencers like Sandra Hagelstam, also known as 5 Inch and Up, and Katherine Ormerod, founder of Work Work Work.

Martha Hunt hangs out with Bambi Northwood-Blyth at Lark & Berry's launch party in Cannes

Models R' Us: Martha Hunt and Bambi hanging out aboard our private yacht

Also joining Hunt at the launch party were Australian model Bambi Northwood Blyth and British socialite Lady Victoria Hervey.

With our launch off to a successful start, Lark & Berry now aims to disrupt the diamond industry for a better future that includes clean diamonds, grown and nurtured in a lab, for a clean conscience.


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