Mined vs. Grown: Why should I buy cultured diamonds?

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It’s a debate which has shaken the luxury jewellery industry to its core – are cultured diamonds better than  mined ones?

Well, remember when the Internet was completely divided over whether “the dress” was blue or gold? Thankfully, the choice between man-made and mined diamonds is ten times more clear-cut.

So to answer the question: Yes, a cultured rock is better than the diamonds of yesteryear and the reasons why speak for themselves.


It’s totally understandable that the notion of growing diamonds in a lab may seem a little... strange.

But, weighing up cultured diamonds against their mined counterparts simply boils down to a choice of ethics…

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Why Are Man Made Diamonds Better Than Mined Diamonds?

1. Cultured Diamonds Avoid Environmental Damage

In a nutshell, diamonds that are grown and nurtured in a lab have avoided the devastation often caused to the natural environment unlike mined diamonds. The process of mining a diamond can include huge extractions of soil – in other words, digging up earth – to source these stones and, in turn, damaging ecosystems sometimes permanently.

By comparison, creating a diamond in a lab uses little resources and even less energy thanks to advanced technology.

2. Cultured Diamonds are Conflict-Free

Are cultured diamonds conflict-free? Absolutely. Cultured diamonds, like Lark & Berry’s, are actually beyond conflict-free due to the simple fact that they are developed using technology.

Unfortunately, history has shown that too often, mined diamonds are used to fund civil wars and conflicts while raising other human rights issues.

Martha Hunt and Bambi Northwood-Blyth wearing Lark & Berry's lab-created diamonds

3. Your Favourite Celebrity (Probably) Loves Cultured Diamonds

Yep, it may come as a surprise but some of the most famous celebrities are taking conscious fashion seriously. Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt and fellow catwalk muse Bambi Northwood-Blyth are just some of the stars who have worn Lark & Berry jewellery.

Emma Watson and Natalie Portman are among the other a-listers embracing sustainable fashion.

See, sustainable is the new sexy!

4. You Can Trust Where Cultured Diamonds Come From

There’s no beating around the bush – cultured diamonds offer 100% traceability because you know, and can trust, that they were grown in a lab. At least that is certainly true of Lark & Berry’s diamonds – we are proud to say that our man-made diamonds are grown, polished and perfected by a group of people we like to think of as our own little alchemists.

Lark & Berry's Knot Earrings made with Diamonds Set in Platinum

Lark & Berry's Knot Earrings made with Diamonds Set in Platinum

5. Cultured Diamonds and Mined Diamonds Look the Same

Good luck playing ‘spot the difference’ with cultured and mined diamonds because they look exactly the same. Not even a gemologist can tell them apart? So it may prove to be a bit of a challenge!

Although, man-made diamonds are created so brilliantly in the lab that their colour can often be whiter than those that are mined; they are also Type IIa and therefore have fewer impurities. 

Cultured diamonds are actually comprised of exactly the same chemical elements as mined diamonds – it’s only their natural environments that differ.

Just like the American vs. British way of saying tomato, lab and mined diamonds are ultimately one and the same.

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Lynne Hall

Of course man-made diamonds are better. They have not caused huge amounts of environmental or political damage. No one has died from mining synthetic stones.

Lark & Berry

Hi Sheherezade. Thanks for commenting, we always appreciate hearing from our audience. You are correct in that mined diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle over millions of years. However, what might not be common knowledge is that lab-grown diamonds have the exact same chemical components as mined diamonds and are graded in exactly the same way by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

The only difference is the environments in which they grow. A lab-created stone is also 100% traceable and conflict-free, which we are huge supporters of. We hope that answers your question. Anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to ask or visit the Our Stones page: https://larkandberry.com/pages/our-stones.

Thanks again for your comment!
Sheherezade Goldsmith

Natural diamonds are millions of years old, made in the earths core – Synthetics are made in a factory a few weeks ago and you dare say they are the same?

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