The Buzz of Excitement – All the Details on a Very Lark & Berry Influencers Mixer

The mood: Retro-chic.

The setting: A breezy balcony in a home at One Hyde Park—London’s most exclusive residences—overlooking scenic royal park grounds.

The scene: A Lark & Berry mixer, organized by fashion blogger extraordinaire Rosie Fortescue, featuring London’s top social media fashion and beauty influencers savoring diamond shaped chocolates, olives and fruits from a bountiful fall harvest food spread…

Rosie Fortescue

And the stars of the show?

Even with names like Kate Tik, Hermione Olivia, Jamie QQ and more to mix things up; well over a million Instagram followers between them all—no one could quite hope to outshine Lark & Berry’s shimmering collections on hand to steal the show, stun eyes wide with shock and leave mouths agape in awe.

KateTik and JamieQQ

Hermione Olivia

Jules Dudko

We mentioned those retro-chic vibes—pastel plastered, decommissioned Polaroids and other classic cameras took on a second life as art fit for the hippest gallery exhibition.

These cool cameras made great displays for Lark & Berry’s glimmering cultured diamonds set in 14k, 18k and platinum… well, that is, during the brief moments when these exquisite pieces weren’t delicately draped on the wrists and swinging from the necks of Instagram social-superstars.


The word is out about Lark & Berry’s amazing, cultured diamonds. Guests hardly needed the reminder from creative director Katie of what a fantastic alternative cultured is to the traditional mined-counterparts of old. Lines like: “You guys are doing amazing things…” and “I can’t believe these pieces are sustainable…” were overheard the whole night.

Fashionistas, among them Sabrina Percy, Sophia Lucie-Smith and Stephanie Peers, were thrilled to discover: Cultured is easier on the environment, easier on the pocketbook and best of all? Lark & Berry’s cultured stones are easy on the eyes. All guests were shocked to learn from the party’s gemologist that not even the industry’s leading experts can tell cultured diamonds from mined!

Check out more fabulous pics from the event below!


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