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April is Earth Month – We’re Celebrating with Cultured Diamonds and Planting Trees | Lark and Berry

April is Earth Month – We’re Celebrating with Cultured Diamonds and Planting Trees

Every April 22nd, people all over the world celebrate Earth Day, a global cause for promoting conservation.

It’s a big day of appreciation for our beautiful green-and-blue marble of a home planet, spinning in space—a real piece of flair in the Milky Way galaxy. How could it not be fabulous? It’s a planet home to Lark & Berry cultured diamonds, the best bling ever!

Lark & Berry fans everywhere: You all know how we aim to preserve Earth by replacing diamond mining with lab grown diamonds magic. It should come as no surprise to you that we’re keeping things on brand by making the whole MONTH of April an Earth Day event.

That’s right, here at Lark & Berry HQ, it’s Earth Month!

First, we’d like to again remind of our partnership with One Tree Planted, who dedicate their reforestation efforts year-round, all over the globe, by planting new trees in the most wanting environments. Per every purchase, no matter how small, from our online store or London brick-and-mortar, Lark & Berry compliments your man made diamonds with 5 NEW TREES planted in collaboration with One Tree Planted. These trees will primarily be planted in Africa.

Second, we have a little surprise for you—a little hint of what to expect from an upcoming cultured diamonds collection—one which features the colour GREEN quite prominently... and beautifully, if we so say ourselves!

Ingredient #1 in our recipe for creating a breathtaking new grown diamonds collection?

One word: VETO.

Lark & Berry man made diamonds fans know it well, as many pieces from our VETO suite regularly sell out (but are always available for pre-order when they return, so don’t let that scare you off!)

For an upcoming collection, we’re taking influence from VETO’s 14K yellow gold pieces studded-up with luxury’s finest lab grown diamonds. Get some VETO rings or earrings for YOURSELF and drink in that delicious independence… you deserve it!

Ingredient #2 of our pot?

First, we need to add a dash of our fabulous FLORA collection. We just had to include some brilliant COLOURS. See these juicy FLORA pics for yourself!

Are you as excited as we are?

Our industry leading Lark & Berry artisans are cooking up elements of our VETO and FLORA collections as we speak into a brand new, Earth-inspired collection that’s going to combine COLOUR and CLASSIC BEAUTY.


Lastly, this being Earth Month, what a time to remind of the wonders of cultured diamonds in general. These beauties have such less environmental impact on our planet, all without sacrificing quality and design and WITH sacrificing high price! Grown diamonds are win-win diamonds!


Spread the word about man made diamonds to everyone you know with this fun video detailing the cool science that births Lark & Berry lab grown diamonds and gets them to your jewellery!



Happy Earth Month and keep it cultured out there!


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