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Bold Colours. Distinct Shapes. Welcome to Nexus, our newest collection.

Lark & Berry fans, you know – we’re on a continuing mission to positively disrupt the diamond industry with our use of lab-grown diamonds. The next step is our new collection, out now, called Nexus, a new set of fine, luxury jewellery with our award-winning designers again at the helm. This time, our inspiration is nature's wondrous and awe-inspiring connectivity. Check out our site now to shop this new collection!


Nexus offers customers the perfect assortment of lab-grown rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, in a collection showcasing eye-catching sustainable gemstones including grown sapphires, lab-grown rubies, man-made emeralds and in true Lark & Berry fashion, cultured diamond highlights. Each piece is set in 14k gold and is specially designed to add the perfect drop of elegance to any outfit.


Inspired by nature and the world among us…

The gallery detail of each piece is inspired by tree roots and the way in which the natural world communicates and transfers energy. Lark & Berry want to bring positive energy with each inspiring piece, as well as protecting the planet, by planting trees with every purchase.


The main event…

One of the first sustainable luxury jewellery pieces we conceived – and one that inspired the design direction of the rest of this suite - was none other than our Nexus Sapphire, Emerald & Full Ruby necklace.


This hero piece of our new Nexus collection is perfect to wear both on countryside retreats and even whilst adventuring through city nights. It’s simply guaranteed to turn heads this season.


Each emerald-cut cultured gemstone is set into 14k gold casing, with lines of delicate cultured diamonds delicately placed between each colour pop. Encrusted with over 38cts of sapphire, 12cts of 11cts of Ruby, this one’s a real showstopper if we may say so, guaranteed to be a best-seller. Be the first in your friend group to own it and keep them talking all the way through next year!

And now, let’s take a moment to preview some of this new Nexus collection and learn of the inspirations behind each piece...

Nexus Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Link Necklace

Inspired by the natural world, the Nexus Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Link Necklace is the perfect colour pallet for autumnal dressing. Every other golden link here is diamond set, with an integrated clasp and the option to add and take away links to create the perfect length for your look.


Nexus Half Eternity Ring

The perfect statement ring, with mixed gems of emerald, ruby, and sapphire in gorgeous shades of blue, purple and orange, set into 14k gold and finished with lines of delicate cultured diamonds. With stone shades you find in an autumnal sky, this is the perfect accessory for those countryside retreats and city nights alike.


Nexus Chain Ring

Simple and elegant, the Nexus Chain Ring is the perfect everyday piece that looks great alone or stacked. Cultured diamonds link the 14k gold surrounding your finger, adding that perfect finishing touch.


Nexus Chain Link Earrings

For a set of simple yet stylish drops, let these Nexus Chain Link Earrings elevate your everyday. Crafted in 14k yellow gold and finished with superb cultured diamonds, these are the perfect link for your day to night style.


Nexus Cocktail Ring

Diamond details elegantly finish this golden sapphire setting in our beautiful Nexus Cocktail Ring. The gallery is inspired by the spiritual romance of a connection with the natural world. This ring is sure to transfer positive energy to the wearer, not to mention imbue any beholders with a blast of sunshine, leaving onlookers in a state of pure awe.


Nexus Trio Drop Precious Earrings

Be bold with your colour and brighten your lobes with these Nexus Trio Drop Precious Earrings. Set with golden sapphire, purple sapphire and emerald, the gallery detail is a nod to the natural world with white diamonds finishing the look.


Nexus Emerald and Diamond Pendant

Dive deep into the green of the forest and breathe in the freshness with our Nexus Emerald and Diamond Pendant. The stunning emerald is encased in 14k yellow gold, with diamonds detailing the corners and elevating the bail. The gallery speaks to the trees with its entwined roots, and the piece is perfectly finished with the diamond cut chain.


Nexus Statement Bracelet

Swirl around in colour with this beautiful Nexus Statement Bracelet, featuring over 30cts of beautiful cultured sapphires, rubies and emeralds, with each stone set into 14k yellow gold. Wearing all lab-grown stones means going out in confidence that no nature has been damaged in the sourcing of materials - and doing so without sacrificing your love of luxury.

Thanks for checking out our new Nexus collection, available now! We hope you love it as much as us! Happy shopping, have a great fall, and thanks for supporting us and our disrupting use of only lab-grown diamonds and stones!


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