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New Diamond Disruptor podcast out - How to Make Your Dream Jewellery Piece a Reality 🤔💭💍 | Lark and Berry

New Diamond Disruptor podcast out - How to Make Your Dream Jewellery Piece a Reality 🤔💭💍

Welcome back to the Diamond Disruptor podcast! This time around, key Lark & Berry staff are joining the show to let us know how the London store is doing after recently re-opening from over a year of lockdowns, and then we get into what we're really here for - to learn all about what it takes to bring a Lark & Berry bespoke piece to life, from blueprint to bling.

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On this episode, show host Clark Watts congratulates Lark & Berry Lead Designer Emily Newman and Worldwide Head of Retail Svetlana Hristova on the re-opening of the London LB store post-lockdown. Then, the three discuss in detail just what goes into creating customers' dream bespoke engagement rings, as well as how to get a showstopping awards piece for celebrity clientele just right.

Emily discusses her inspiration and what went into creating our SUPERNOVA NECKLACE worn at the 2020 Oscars by Billy Porter during the opening performance. The stakes were high for Lark & Berry whilst creating a one of a kind, £100K-plus red-carpet piece. You might recall its 64-plus carats of cultured diamonds (aka lab grown diamonds, grown diamonds, man made diamonds) glory!

But perhaps even more importantly, through talking to Emily and Svet, we learn that Lark & Berry takes each bespoke jewellery request, public or private, equally as seriously.

In brief, a customer comes to us with an idea. It can be anything from a sketch of their own, to a pic they like of an existing ring they want to customize or even a vision or mood board that just tells Emily and Svet who they ARE...

Whether it's a classic engagement ring you want - a yellow gold ring with diamonds or a white gold ring with diamonds - or if you want to get more adventurous with lab grown emeralds, lab grown sapphires - like maybe an engagement ring with colour? Lark & Berry is here to make it happen...

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, first comes detailed planning between you and the Lark & Berry design team, where we map out every step of your bespoke lab grown diamonds jewellery, and you always get a say along the way, at every step.


Check out this episode to hear about this process in detail, and click here to book your own virtual or in-store appointment with us to start planning your dream ring!



The Diamond Disruptor podcast is hosted by Lark & Berry writer Clark Watts. Our show takes a continuing look at cultured diamonds as a sustainable option in luxury jewellery. Geared towards both industry novices and experts, the DD pod features interviews with jewellery brand leaders, analysts, scientists and more, as well as guests from other marketplaces who promote sustainable interests.

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